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Time Out, March 1988

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Original publisher: Time Out

Time Out


‘If you don’t go you’ve got to row!’ — Picture the scene at a Marbella disco in the summer: lots of classic (oldie) dance tunes, flashing lights, a pissed-up party crowd doing the usual things the British do on holiday: telling hilariously silly jokes, fooling around (mooning), wearing corny old ‘70s gear as the whole dancefloor moves together doing the rowing dance (‘Oops, upside your head!’) . . . Of course it’s not Marbella at all, but Disco-teque, which could end up being the most significant new club of the year because it showed club runners that punters want to have a crazy party every week and not just at the occasional Westworld mega-events. That old serious dancing attitude is all very well but what about the fun-funk — the Good Larf set to music that many people now want? It’s pretty ironic that ten years ago people started one-nighters to get away from disco schlock and yet Disco-etc is now one of the the most successful one-nighters on the calender. Now what does that say to you. . ?
Another ‘holiday club’ has surfaced recently but expresses very differently. Paul Oakenfold’s Thursday nighter The Future loosely specialises in the so called Balearic Beat precisely because so many of the regulars used to party to the pop-rock and House disco rhythms of Ibiza’s nightlife that he re-creates at the club. It’s one of the crazy-best new clubs to burst onto clubland so far this year, doing for Thursday nights what the Shoom Club does for the weekend, which is providing the appropriate aural (not to say, astral), atmosphere for the euphoric and whooping crowd to take the idea of dancing to its outer limits, way beyond the confines of the dancefloor or the two-step shuffle. It has the kind of wild, uninhibited style that you’d normally only associate with mixed-gay trendy nights — it might intimidate some people but the punters are unpretentious and friendly. Here’s an idea of the kind of the totally varied dance tunes that turn them on: DJ Paul Oakenfold’s Future Ten.
1 Why — The Woodentops (Rough Trade)
2 How low can you go — The Project Club (Supreme)
3 Shout — Acid Tracks (Trax)
4 Hot Hot Hot (re-mix) — The Cure (Polydor)
5 What’s going on — Cyndi Lauper (Portrait)
6 Give it to me — Bam Bam (Serious)
7 Let’s get busy — Curtis MC Clane (Trax)
8 Jesus on the payroll — Thrashing Doves (A&M)
9 Drop the Man (re-mix) — Bros (CBS)
10 Acid Over — Tyree (London)