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Muzik Magazine, March 1996

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A state of Grace

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My friend reckons GRACE's mega trancey new single, "Orange", bares more than a passing resemblance to some old U2 record? She can't actually remember the title of the U2 song and I am not really into Bono enough to want to listen to their entire back catalogue to make out, so can you please tell me if there's any truth in what she's saying?

STRANGE as it might seem, there is indeed a connection between U2 and Grace's new single. His name is Paul Oakenfold.
    Grace is singer-songwriter Dominique Atkins, who's been involved in music for the last 10 years or so. She first met Oakenfold in a club, of course. He was looking for a talented singer to work with him and his production partner, Steve Osborne, and she was looking for a producer. There are no prizes for guessing what happened next.
    Grace's first single for Oakenfold's Perfecto label, "Not Over Yet" (12-inch/CD, PERF104), was a club and chart hit in March, 1995. The record had, however, originally appeared in 1992, when Perfecto were part of BMG, so last year's hit was actually a reissue. This was followed by "I Want To Live" (12-inch/CD PERF 109), which went Top 30 in September 1995.
    So where do U2 come into the story? Well, back in 1994, Oakenfold and Osborne had remixed U2's "Lemon" for Island Records. But although it was released in the States as part of a remix package which also included Dave Morales reworkings (12-inch, 422-8627957-1), it was never commerically available in the UK, surfacing only as a ludicrously rare DJ promo.
    Oakenfold subsequently remixed his remix again, coming up with a track he called "Orange". Relying heavily on the U2 version, he started playing it out on acetate to massive acclaim.
    "Oakenfold and Osborne then asked U2 if they could have the rights to their remix back," explains Dominique. "U2 said, 'No problem', so when we began working on the Grace project we wrote a track around it, but with vocals."
    The resulting track, "Skin On Skin", is actually the A-side of the new Grace single, which is released this month (12-inch/CD, PERF 116). "Orange", the Oakenfold and Osborne's legendary instrumental trance remix reworked from their U2 version, can be found on the B-side. Other mixes come from Man With No Name, Grace's Perfecto label-mate.