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Mixmag, January 1996

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Original publisher: Muzik Magazine


1995: how was it for you?

Interviews: Andy Pemberton, Dom Phillips, Frank Tope, David Davies, Dan Prince, Nick Jones, Alexis Petridis, Bethan Cole, Susan Masters
Photo: Donovan

I've Got A Loverly Bunch Of Goa-conuts

Has it been a good year? "It's been a very good year. My company [Perfecto] has been hugely successful, I'm enjoying DJing more than ever and I've been fortunate in being able to travel a lot. All the hard work from the last two years is flourishing now. And even my personal life, with my girlfriend, is working really well. And I've signed a four piece guitar band for next year, like an Oasis four-piece band with dance influences. I just wish Chelsea were doing as well as I am."
What've you been up to in the studio? "Well, [as the Perfecto production team of Oakenfold and Steve Osborne] we have still been getting about five remixes offered to us every week but we've turn down a lot of big names. At the moment we're working on the Grace album."
Where have you been on your travels? "[Massive list of countries.] DJing is a ticket to travel the world and I've been using it for six years now. I never get bored of travelling, it's an education. The DJing is essential to what I do, you can't get me off the decks sometimes. There's some DJs, and I'm not naming names, who I think have lost the passion now and that's a shame. Sometimes you've got to put your feet on the ground and realise you're really lucky, getting paid for this."
Who have you seen most of this year? "Steve Osborne! No, no, Angela [his girlfriend], she's been travelling with me. She doesn't come everywhere, just where she wants to. It's typical really, she only comes to the good ones, she's not there when you need her there. I wouldn't say we've got on better this year than last year but relationships grow. We've been going out for four years now."
What was the most expensive thing you bought this year? "My Chelsea season ticket - nearly £700! Last year I would have said records, I spent a fortune on records last year but this year I've been more ahead of the game and not spent so much."
What was your best night out? "The Perfecto/Fluro party on top of a mountain in Ibiza. And Tribal Gathering; I played the last set in one of the tents and it was unbelievable. It was more professionally organised than any other clubbing event I've been at. It was run like clockwork. Like there were separate entrances for DJs and there were seven tents or something and, you know, you didn't know which one you were in but they had someone there to take you to your tent. You didn't have to worry about parking or anything, you could just focus on the DJing."
Who most impressed you musically? "Bukem. At Speed. I found Bukem really interesting, playing Goldie stuff. And Juno Reactor because they were mixing the sounds of Goa with guitars. And Dreadzone."
Favourite record? "'Loving You More', because it was a new sound from BT and with a song on it. Me, Sasha and John Digweed were caning it, we had it seven months before everyone else. That's how we do it, just me and those two first."
What didn't you get round to this year that you wanted to? "Enough holidays."
Enough holidays?!! "I know, I know but when you work 80 hours a week you need more holidays than any other bod."
What pissed you off? "What really pisses me off is the Conservative Party, especially John Major because he is a total wimp. Backing the French with their nuclear testing; terrible. It's hard to respect someone who is so out of touch with young people, our generation. He sits out in the country, all comfortable, while my friends are having to struggle."
What did you get for your birthday? "Everyone always says I'm the hardest to buy for because I've got everything. My parents got me some ornaments for my house and my girlfriend got me my favourite aftershave and took me to dinner at my favourite restaurant."
Which celebs did you meet that impressed you? "Tricky and Goldie. They're characters, pop stars in their own right. Stars. Especially Goldie; he's got character, charisma and music to back him up as well."
What are you doing for New Year? "I'm playing midnight 'til 2am in Sydney and then they're flying me to Melbourne to play 5-7am. And in return they're flying me up to the Barrier Reef for a week's holiday."