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A Lively Mind (2006)

Tracklist (as originally listed)

01. Faster Kill Pussycat Ft. Brittany Murphy
02. No Compromise Ft. Spitfire
03. Sex 'N' Money Ft. Pharrell Williams
04. Switch On Ft. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
05. Amsterdam
06. Set It Off Ft. Grandmaster Flash
07. The Way I Feel Ft. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
08. Praise The Lord
09. Save The Last Trance For Me
10. Not Over Ft. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
11. Vulnerable Ft. Bad Apples
12. Feed Your Mind Ft. Spitfire

Tracklist updated by wallabyFC on October 5, 2010
Source: Original CD sleeve notes