Oakenfold Mixes (formerly known as wallabyFC) was founded on September 30, 2009. The site was created in an effort to gather all the obscure, rare, or simply lost sets of Paul Oakenfold and have them all in one place on the net. At the time, getting a hold of many of these sets was very difficult. One would have to dig very deep around the internet to find many of these sets. Some of the mixes featured on Oakenfold Mixes weren't even on the internet back then. Not only that, but once you got a hold of a set, there was a high chance you wouldn't know the names of the records on it, as many of these sets didn't have complete tracklists at the time.

Today, it's as simple as going to oakenfoldmixes.com if you'd like to listen to an older Oakenfold set. As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream any of these sets from anywhere around the world! You'll be able to easily see what records you're listening to. We've done all the hard work. As a result, you can just enjoy listening to all the classic Paul Oakenfold you want!

In addition to the many sets, Oakenfold Mixes also features a Discography section featuring the many commercial DJ mixes and albums Paul has commercially released over the years. The site also features a comprehensive Press Articles section. Here, you can discover much of the history that Paul Oakenfold's career has to offer, and there is indeed a lot!

We've put years of research, work, and passion into Oakenfold Mixes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed working on it.

A brief word about the various sections of the site...

  • Mixes: Navigate and listen to many Oakenfold mixes ranging from 1985 to the present. Over time, more tracklists will gradually be added. All file information is available on this page too; time durations, information on the files being referenced (size, bit rate, kind). You can use this information to check if a mix you have matches with what is in the Oakenfold Mixes database. This can be useful if you're trying to see if a mix you have is the same mix being referenced on oakenfoldmixes.com. All the sets are made available for listening on oakenfoldmixes.com via widgets provided by Mixcloud, a royalty-paying music streaming service.
  • Discography: This section contains the tracklists as originally listed for each the main CDs that Paul Oakenfold has released over the years, arranged in chronological order. Most of the pages feature large images of the cd covers. If you'd like to buy any of the CDs listed here, there is a link on the bottom of each page that takes you to its amazon.com and amazon.co.uk product listing pages.
  • Press Articles: Here you can read some interesting articles regarding Paul Oakenfold and his career from over the years. There is a lot of interesting history in this section!
  • Links: On this page are some links to useful and helpful resources elsewhere on the net. If you'd like to keep up with the latest site updates, please visit our Facebook page.
  • Search: On the upper right-hand side of each page is a search bar. This is really helpful! You can type in a track that you are looking for that Paul Oakenfold may have played, and this will instantly search all of oakenfoldmixes.com and show you excellent results. For example, if you're looking for the song Just Let Go by Petra & Co. (Oakey played this tune quite a lot in his early days), you can just type in petra, and in your search results, you'll see every page on oakenfoldmixes.com that containts the word petra. To exclude anything from your results, type a hyphen in front of anything you want to exclude. For example, if you search for the club Cream and you don't want any jpg images to show in your results, after Cream type in -jpg, so your search will be: cream -jpg. Try it out and see what you find. You'll see how this can be a really useful tool!